Alumni Interview: Angy Aguilar ‘18

Angy Aguilar


Your hometown: 
Bogotá, Colombia 

Where are you based now? 
Shanghai, China

What are you working on now and where? 
I am currently working for a fashion consultancy studio that offers solutions for the apparel and clothing industry in China. Our team is developing a denim collection in Guangzhou to be shown in the coolest denim trade-show in China called Kingpins. The denim laundry where the development is happening aims to become one of the most sustainable within China, avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals and minimising the waste of water by implementing digital technologies such as laser and O-zone.

What was your favorite class while at IMA and why? 
Talking Fabrics was my favourite class. I was able to see a whole new side of fashion that I would have never imagined. I was amazed but the limitless opportunities for innovation that technology has to offer to fashion. I was happy to be able to explore with all my senses ways to communicate fashion and give a piece of garment a whole new meaning.

What skills did you learn at IMA that have been helpful with your job or life?
I learned to solve problems and to think about them in different ways. I learned there is always a way to get things done and there are no valid excuses. I learned small steps become big projects. I learned the frustration of failure, but the satisfaction of overcoming it. I learned to work harder but smart . I learnt everything is connected, no matter if you are looking at something completely unrelated to your subject of study, you will always be surprised of how many interesting connections you will find. I learned to just try it, to think about remote ideas and try them out and see where they can take me.

What advice would you give a freshmen or a current IMA student? 
Don't be scared if you think your idea might be too crazy or too simple , or that you don't have the skills, or that others might be much better than you. Just show up and do it. Do it once, twice and as many times you need to until you are satisfied. It will always turn out to be a learning experience and a step forward to becoming better at whatever you are doing.

Angy Aguilar