Alumni Interview: Xiran Yang ‘17

Xiran Yang


Your hometown: 
Sichuan, China

Where are you based now? 
New York

What are you working on now and where? 
I am currently a master candidate at ITP, Tisch, NYU. Over the summer, I am working as an intern at a New-York based media studio.

What was your favorite class while at IMA and why? 
Nature of Code with Moon! I knew so little about creative coding before I took this class and this class just gave me such a great chance to starting coding. I enjoyed coding so much while taking this class with Moon and he is definitely one of the most devoted professors I have met at IMA.

What advice would you give a freshmen or a current IMA student? 
IMA is a great major that allows you to explore as much as you can and do great things with art and technologies. And it is definitely worth trying different things that you have never done before. However I would also suggest that you start  thinking about what specific jobs/career paths you would like to take after graduation earlier. Do you want to become a game designer, a UX designer, a front-end developer, an animator or a VR/AR developer(And there for sure are more options)? Try to do more research about the careers you feel interested in and start gathering more skills as well as projects towards those careers. Also talk to people who are currently working at those positions. Try to get internships that you might want to work as a full-time. Remember to treat all your projects at school seriously and work hard on those (They can become good projects to show in your portfolio!) Document everything well! Start working on your portfolio earlier! Do things you are passionate about as much as possible, even though they might be "stupid" and "silly". Enjoy your life at IMA and at NYU Shanghai!

Alumni Xiran, with fellow IMA students