IMA & Visual Art Fall 2019 End of Semester Show

Friday December 13 2019, 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
8th Floor & 12th Floor, NYU Shanghai
Fall 2019 IMA & Visual Arts End-of-Semester Show

IMA & VisArts Show is a two-hour exhibition that showcases a wide range of interactive and art projects by students of IMA’s and & Visual Arts. This year the exhibition will showcase creative projects from the courses listed below:

IMA: Acoustic Ethnography of the Yangtze Delta, Application Lab, Artificial Intelligence Arts, Capstone Studio, Communications Lab, Critical Data & Visualization, Cultivated City, Digital Conservation for Buddhist Deities, Digital Heritage, Exploring Movement Practices with Physical Computing, Interaction Lab, Introduction to Robotics, Machine Learning for New Interfaces, Media Architecture, Programming Design System, Remade in China, VR I AR fundamentals

VisArts: Studio Art, Introduction to Studio Art, Mark Making, Printmaking in an Expanded Field, Moving Images I, and Photography I

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