Marcela Godoy

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Marcela Godoy
Assistant Arts Professor, Program Coordinator of IMA

Marcela Godoy is a designer and maker. She graduated as an architect in 2007, worked as an adjunct instructor and teaching assistant in three different schools of architecture in Chile, she taught architecture, physics and structural design. 
In 2010 she moved to New York, where she went on to get an MPS in the Interactive Telecommunication Program from New York University (NYU ITP). Since then, she has been experimenting with making toys, wearables, mechanisms and physical computing projects. After she graduated, she worked at YesYesNo (, a company that specializes in interactive art installations. She was in charge of building and designing the physical aspects of the company's projects, and produced digital and physical 3D models, prototyped and fabricated unique pieces. In 2014 she was funded by the Department of Labor of the United States to obtain a Certificate of Completion in Modeling for Fabrication and 3D Printing Additive Process.
Marcela Godoy moved to Shanghai in 2015 to be a Research Fellow in the Interactive Media Arts(IMA) program and she is currently an Instructor. She teaches and is the area head of Interaction Lab, one of the foundation courses of the IMA, she also teaches elective courses related to Digital Fabrication, Craft, Design, and Coding, such as Toy Design and Prototyping, Data: Code it, Make it, Digital Fabrication, and (Re)Made in China.