Interactive Media Arts



Interactive Media Arts (IMA) is a 4-year undergraduate program at NYU Shanghai that encourages students to explore the expressive possibilities of emerging media. Our students are challenged to combine practice and theory, connecting technical skills with historical knowledge, cultural understanding, and conceptual thinking. Areas of expertise include the development of software, the manipulation of digital media, the fabrication of material objects, the production of electronic devices, the construction of virtual and physical spaces, media theory, interactive installation, and the philosophy of technology. 


Our curriculum, community and active learning environment facilitate student acquisition of both conceptual insights and practical skills, encouraging our students to explore their personal interests whilst engaging both critically and creatively with new technologies, which play an increasingly important role in our lives.


We also offer a one-year graduate program, IMA Low Residency, jointly with NYU ITP.


IMA regularly hosts events and shows that are open to the public. Even during the pandemic, some of the events are still available online. Check out our recent announcements and stay tuned ↓↓









Get in Touch

Find us digitally at or @interactivemediaarts

or physically at 8th floor, NYU Shanghai, No. 1555 Century Avenue, Shanghai, China