Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program in Interactive Media Arts (IMA) is a 4-year program. 

All IMA majors take What is New Media?, A course designed to give students a strong theoretical and historical background in new media arts. They may then choose between the 4 other foundation courses:

Interaction Lab introduces students to the fields of Interaction Design, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication, and provides students with foundational skills in electronics prototyping and an introduction to basic computer programming. 

Communications Lab introduces students to concepts and tools in order to produce multimedia content for print, audio, video and the web. 

Creative Coding Lab introduces students to the fundamentals of computation, software design, and web technologies, through a series of creative projects, such as interactive application, generative art, data visualization.

Application Lab introduces modern rapid software prototyping, theories of innovation, early-stage business concepts, creative coding, and user experience design. 

Students then choose from a range of elective categories across the disciplines of art & design, humanities, science, computation, and business with great freedom to make their selections. Students will receive guidance in their choices if they want to specialize in a particular area (business, arts, humanities or computer science). All majors finish with a two-semester Capstone Studio course that synthesizes theoretical research and practice to produce an emerging media project and related essay.

Learn more about our Foundations, Electives, and Capstone Studio.